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Rhonda and Ketut’s love affair continues…

Insurance company AAMI’s latest installment of Rhonda and Ketut ads was recently aired on Australian TV.  This is the 3rd ad in Rhonda and Ketut series and is aimed at promoting the insurer’s ‘Safe Driver Rewards’.

Set at Rhonda’s high-school reunion where Ketut fails to reach on time, Rhonda is swept away by her high-school jock Trent Toogood. Poor Ketut shows up after the party with a bouquet of flowers but Rhonda and Toogood are no where to be seen.

It leaves us wondering if the holiday love affair between Rhonda and Ketut has gone Kaput. Surely, there’s a 5th ad coming!!

Rhonda series of ads were first launched by AAMI in 2011 and have since captured the attention of Australian public by telling stories of her “her driving escapades and her romance with the affable Ketut,” explained BADJAR Ogilvy’s General Manager Michael McEwan. Social media has played a critical role in the popularity of the campaigns where many Facebook pages such as The sexual tension between Ketut and Rhonda have been created.

Below are all the ads featuring Rhonda and her journey to Bali where she meets Ketut.



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